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Our wide and diverse environment allows not only rest and contact with nature but also invites you to explore the environment through morning and evening walks, for those who prefer we have ride bicycles.


Because Lake Colbun is an artificial reservoir the level of this can vary, so we have a 12 m long pool, with a depth of 1.40 mt and a double depth sector for the little ones.


When the nights allow, we have the ideal panorama to enjoy the starry nights around our community stove or in our stainless steel Hot Tub for up to 8 people with hydromassage.


Thanks to our geographical location, at different times of the year we are privileged to have a beautiful bay surrounded by willows at the foot from our complex.


This bay is the favorite of all types of birds that migrate, allowing to be a ideal place for sighting of this.


The fresh and pure waters coming from the mountain range that reach a temperature of 23 °, create the perfect panorama to practice water sports such as kayaking, stand up paddle, paddle, windsurf, navigation sailing and motor. In addition to sport fishing where species such as trout and silverside stand out, it is important for us to respect the closed season.


Marina Colbún is located on the north shore of Lake Colbún, through the Pehuenche Pass sector.


Route of 300 km called CH-115, is completely paved from the city of San Clemente (Chile), to Malargue (Argentina).


This route declared a Zone of Tourist Interest (ZOIT) a few years ago, standing out for its beautiful landscapes and natural settings, we recommend visiting it and knowing unique places along its route.


Starting with the posers of Armerillo and its private Tricahue park, to continue with rustic hot springs such as the Médano and Campanario, geological formations such as the Muela del Diablo and White Monks, the wonderful Saltos del Maule, Arcoíris and inverted waterfall, ending with the volcanic complex Laguna del Maule.

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